Why You Should Invest in Managed Hosting

Managed hosting center

Dedicated hosting is an attractive way for many businesses to achieve enhanced reliability and security for their online operations. Not surprisingly, many businesses recognize that the advantages of having dedicated servers are costly if they wish to have them on their own premises. Depending on the size of the business and its needs, having a dedicated server could require massive amounts of space and care. Therefore, many look to outsource their needs through managed hosting. To learn more about the benefits of hosting, LightWave Networks has decided to write the following article that details the benefits of having dedicated servers and managed hosting. 

Is a Dedicated Server Worth It?

The definition of dedicated hosting is a service where a client leases an entire server for themselves that they do not share with anyone else. A dedicated server is valuable for businesses that are looking for exceptionally powerful server plans. The businesses that are most likely to benefit from managed hosting and dedicated servers are those that are experiencing rapid growth or already have an infrastructure that is too large for them to manage by themselves. It’s important to partner with a business that offers colocation services like LightWave Networks. Specialty companies can ensure that they can handle your business’s operations without having to worry about online infrastructure. 

Another reason why investing in managed hosting might be beneficial is if the business in question has security concerns for its website. Some businesses may have especially sensitive information like a client’s banking information, passwords, and similar. Businesses that offer remote Boston colocation services like LightWave offer a more refined approach to network security, which gives businesses the peace of mind they need.

Lastly, just because you choose to go with a managed dedicated server rental does not mean that you would lose control of your server. In fact, businesses retain control over their information even when on a remote, managed dedicated server. 

About LightWave Networks

LightWave Networks offers colocation and server rentals for businesses that would like to outsource their internet hosting services. Our online backup for businesses in Boston with our Raspberry Pi colocation gives businesses the infrastructure that they need for efficient operations without the headache of having to care for their online backup plans. Contact us today to learn more about our dedicated server rental plans. We also offer services in Dallas thanks to our Dallas data center and colocation services.

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