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LightWave Network’s Minneapolis Data Center

Data Centers are demanded by businesses because they run the risk of their online operations being unsafe and inefficient without one. We understand why these services are crucial for businesses, and we can customize our service plans to match the individual needs of your business. Below, we could describe the benefits of utilizing the services of our Minneapolis data center and hopefully learn which one of our services works best for your business.  LightWave Networks hopes you will find the perfect service or combination of services that work best for your company. 

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Our Data Centers in Minnesota 

Our Minneapolis data centers offer colocation, dedicated server management, cloud servers, and network management services, among many others. We offer personalized services that provide the exact benefits you are looking for. These could be a combination of colocation services, dedicated server management, or any other of our services. In IT infrastructure services, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, and our customized solutions reflect this. Unlike similar businesses, our colocation data center does not have a minimum server requirement, which means that your managed network will not require that you have pieces that do not benefit your business. That is ideal for organizations looking into IT servers for small businesses since they often have different needs than larger businesses. 

Minneapolis Colocation 

Our colocation data center offers colocation services for businesses interested in colocation and its benefits. Colocation benefits businesses because it gives them a rented space to store their personal servers. At Minneapolis colocation spaces, a business can take advantage of the space, power, cooling, bandwidth, and security for their hardware. One of the primary benefits of colocation is that a business can place the maintenance and upkeep of their expensive servers and hardware in the hands of professionals. Our secure and climate-controlled facilities are conducive to this kind of hardware. Make sure that our IT infrastructure management at our Minneapolis data center helps your business effectively. 

Minneapolis Cloud Servers 

No Minneapolis data center is complete without cloud servers. Minneapolis cloud servers are shared servers where businesses can remotely access important documents and communicate with important people in their organizations effectively. These are remotely accessed through the internet and do not require that businesses reserve space for their servers. 

More About LightWave Networks 

We are a hosting company with data centers all across the United States. We offer our customers customized colocation and cloud server solutions. Whether it’s our Minneapolis data center systems or our other ones across the USA, we have something to offer everyone. Contact us today to learn more. 

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