Our Data Center Network & Connectivity




At LightWave Networks, we strive to help businesses nationwide stay connected and competitive in today’s high-speed digital environment. With our fully redundant data center network, we provide our clients with scalable business solutions in addition to our Dallas colocation and Boston colocation services. We offer data center connectivity to top network providers and local major carriers, ensuring strong and reliable network performance.


Our data center network infrastructure fulfills the bandwidth requirements of our clients and providing them easy access to mission critical applications and infrastructure. We will work closely with you to configure the ideal network and intracolocation connectivity that best suits the internet, colocation, cloud, IP transit, and other IT strategies of your business.


Features of Our Data Center Network Infrastructure



Our data center connectivity is designed from the ground up to be fully redundant, fault tolerant, and secure.


  • Multi-homed network with multiple 10 Gigabit connections
  • Diverse fiber optic building entrances
  • Redundant Cisco routing
  • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4)
  • HSRP failover protection
  • Carrier neutrality utilizing multiple providers
  • Dedicated bandwidth for each customer
  • 10/100, GigE and 10G network connectivity availability
  • Network monitoring 24x7x365
  • 100% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) available
  • Network capacity monitoring to ensure bandwidth usage never exceeds availability
  • Full inventory of spare hardware on site

Data Center Interconnection


A secure and private network interconnects our colocation data centers in Boston, MA, Dallas, TX, Philadelphia, PA, and Edison, NJ.


Not all data center and colocation hosting companies are created equal. The element of data center interconnection adds value to a colocation provider, allowing a data center network to deliver improved solutions to businesses and better meet their operational requirements. At LightWave Networks, we offer data center interconnect (DCI) technology, connecting, via a private network, our multiple colocation facilities:



Our private network connects our US colocation datacenters together.  Customers are able to leverage this private network for their own private data transport needs at our Boston colocation data center, Dallas colocation data center, Philadelphia colocation datacenter, and New Jersey colocation data center.  With expanded capacity available, if you require private network connectivity between any two or more of our colocation facilities for replication or other mission critical services, we have you covered.


Additionally, with our strategic partnerships to last mile fiber optic providers, your servers at LightWave Networks can be on a private network with your servers in your office, your servers in a third-party data center, or even a third-party cloud service via an IX or fiber cross-connect.


Our private network is offered on a dedicated unmetered basis, whereby no bandwidth charges apply even between our data centers in different cities.  Contact us or call 844.722.COLO for more information on how we can help your organization succeed!

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