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At LightWave Networks, our Boston colocation services are trusted by companies throughout the country. Our two facilities were built to be energy-efficient and powerful. LightWave Networks operates in the Digital Realty data center in Needham, MA and the CoreSite data center in Somerville, MA. Both data centers accommodate a wide selection of cloud providers, network providers, information technology providers, and enterprises.

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Digital Realty’s three-story Boston Colocation Data Center totals 130,000 square feet, containing approximately 40,000 square feet of raised floor. This data center in Needham, Massachusetts is one of the most energy efficient buildings in New England. With 10 MW of redundant utility power, this highly energy efficient building is designed to be concurrently maintainable for all key infrastructure components.

Key Capabilities

Security Features. At LightWave Networks’ Boston colocation data center include 24×7 Onsite Security Personnel with CCTV Camera Systems that have 90+ Day Retention. In addition, Biometric and Photo Badge Access is required of all our personnel to enter the Boston colocation data center. There are multiple diverse fiber and building entrances. In addition to physical security, we monitor your data security day and night. So, if something happens to your data, we get started on restoring it immediately.

Built for Stability. Our Boston Colocation Data Center is a three-story, 105,731 square foot facility located just 16 miles from downtown Boston. Sitting on a 2A Seismic Zone and outside the FEMA designated 100 and 500-Year Flood Plains, our colocation data center in Boston is built to withstand natural disasters and keep your data secure. Our facility features an EPDM insulated metal deck roof and up to 250 lbs./square feet on the floor.

We’ve Got the Power. Our data center in Boston has a utility Generator Power Capacity of 10 MW, UPS Power Capacity of 6 MW with a 2N Cooling Redundancy. Multiple utility transformers and diesel generators with independent fuel tanks provide the Boston colocation data center with no less than N+1 redundancy. How does this benefit your business? LightWave Networks utilizes secure and energy-efficient data centers that are powerful enough to handle all your network and service needs!

Highlighted Features of Our Boston Data Center

  • Tier III Data Center

The industry-standard data center tiers classifications developed by Uptime Institute categorizes data centers on a four-tier scale based on site infrastructure performance and operational sustainability [1]. The Boston Colocation Data Center LightWave Networks operates from is a Tier III data center.

A Tier III data center is concurrently maintainable. Equipment maintenance and replacement requires no shutdowns, while a redundant delivery path for power and cooling allows uninterrupted IT operation during shut downs and maintenance. [2]

  • 2N & N+1 Redundancy

To ensure the 100% SLA-backed uptime of the Boston Colocation Data Center, it is designed to provide N+1 redundancy and 2N Cooling Redundancy. For these two different redundancy level classifications, N represents the amount of capacity needed to power, backup or cool a facility at full IT load [3].

N+1 redundancy denotes one power backup or additional components to support a single component failure or required maintenance. On the other hand, 2N cooling redundancy signifies a fully redundant, mirrored cooling system [3]. The full redundancy of the data center in Boston guarantees the security of your data.

  • Healthy Network Ecosystem

At LightWave Networks, the data centers we use are supported by a strong Network Ecosystem connecting more than 40 digital realty-owned data centers throughout North America. These facilities, and therefore our customers, benefit from connectivity to more than 1,000 provider networks, multiple Internet Exchanges, Open IX Peering Exchange, and Ethernet Exchange.

What Services Does Our Boston Data Center Provide? 

Boston Colocation 

Businesses that need Boston colocation, usually need it because they want to take advantage of rented space to host their servers and experience higher security and guaranteed uptime. Depending on the size of your business, you may need the services that a sophisticated IT infrastructure management business has so that your servers are well-maintained and looked after correctly. These servers usually take up a lot of space, and most companies do not have the space necessary to house all the equipment they need. 

Boston Cloud Hosting 

Boston cloud hosting is crucial for small businesses because cloud servers allow everyone associated with that business to access important files and documents remotely. As one of the best cloud hosting companies in Boston, LightWave Networks is proud to make your operations easier by making your business’s access to the cloud easier than ever before. What differentiates us from other Boston cloud hosting companies is that we have years of experience helping businesses just like yours. 

USA Raspberry Pi Colocation 

Raspberry Pi colocation is one of the specialties that our Boston data center employs. While invented originally as an educational tool, these mini-computers were adapted to allow businesses to remotely use servers. Raspberry Pi Colocation is the perfect IT Server for small business applications. 

Boston Network Management 

Managed networking is an interesting option for businesses because a network that is managed by a Boston data center allows them to outsource their IT operations to a more specialized business. Our network management services support the firewalls, VPSs that make up your local and wide area networks. We offer the utmost security, reliability, and flexibility for our managed networks. 

About Our IT Infrastructure Management Services 

LightWave Networks is proud to serve businesses in the Boston area with a vast selection of network management services. Whether that is dedicated server management, colocation, cloud VPS hosting, or other kinds of Boston Network Management services, we could assist your business. Contact us today to learn more. 

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