Local Colocation Data Centers Near You

Local Colocation Data Centers in Your City


LightWave Networks provides physical and virtual server hosting services to businesses located throughout the country. However, when it comes to colocation hosting and dedicated server hosting, the advantages of a local data center are considerable. Many of the business that lease the colocation space or dedicated servers at our Boston data centers, Dallas data center, Philadelphia data center, and New Jersey data center are located nearby.

If you own a local small business or manage a local field office of a much larger company located in one of these two local areas, take advantage of local data center benefits by staying close to home. Lease servers or server space at one of our third-party local colocation data centers. At LightWave Networks, dedicated server and colocation pricing starts as low as $50 a month.


How to Choose a Data Center Location for Your Business?

When choosing a data center location to relocate your company servers and other network hardware, there are a few considerations to think about. Choosing a local colocation data center close to your business’ office location is typically the best option. That way not only is your company’s data and network just a click away, but your actual physical servers and hardware are just a short drive away. Leasing colocation space within close proximity to your business comes with numerous benefits.


The Advantages of a Local Data Center for Colocation


  • Convenient Round-the-Clock Access


One of the key local data center benefits is the high level of access you or your company’s IT personnel have to your servers when they are in a local colocation data center. While our highly trained and certified staff at LightWave Networks diligently keep your server running and secure, you can easily check up on your hardware should you need to investigate an issue or make an update.


  • Decreased Latency


Latency is the time it takes between data being sent and received. This time is affected by anything that slows down the data traveling through a network connection. The distance between a data center and a company’s business operations affects latency – the farther the data must travel, the higher the latency. Storing your servers or leasing dedicated servers in a local data center decreases any latencies and allows your employees to access your company’s data and network applications without delay.

Would you like more in-depth information on the services we offer at our Boston colocation and Dallas colocation facilities or our Philadelphia and New Jersey server hosting facilities? Contact us or call (844) 722-2656 to speak with a member of our LightWave Networks team today!


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