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At our ultra-secure and up-to-date data center in Boston, there are multiple options your business can choose from when it comes to the Boston dedicated server hosting we offer. Whichever option you choose, we guarantee to meet all your server needs.

Dedicated Servers in Boston, MA

Reliable & Customized Boston Dedicated Server Hosting

If you would rather lease a whole server for your business rather than share server space with others – rent dedicated servers in Boston from LightWave Networks. We offer unmanaged and fully managed server hosting. Our customizable, built-to-order dedicated servers are enterprise-grade and will meet your business needs.


Unmanaged Boston Dedicated Servers

Your business can succeed with the right facility and hardware.

With our unmanaged Boston dedicated server rentals, you get to benefit from the support, stability, security, and scalability of server hosting normally reserved for large corporations. You get to maintain and manage your own small business server without having to share server space with other businesses. All of this at an affordable price.


Benefits of Unmanaged Boston Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Affordability – Boston dedicated server hosting that is unmanaged is typically the more affordable dedicated server rental option we offer.


  • Full Control – Our Boston dedicated server packages allow your own IT team to have control over the management and maintenance of your servers. Your own IT team decides what software to install, which updates to implement, and who gets access to the server as well as manage it.


  • Support – Even with unmanaged Boston dedicated servers, LightWave Networks has got your back 24/7. Our team will provide the facility as well as monitor the hardware and network connection to ensure your dedicated servers in Boston are secure and reliable.


Managed Boston Dedicated Servers

Experience security and connectivity with none of the hassle.

Avoid the time commitment and financial investment required for the day-to-day management of your server by choosing one of our managed Boston dedicated server rental packages. If your company would prefer to focus on other business operations instead of server management, our managed networking team at LightWave Networks has the training and expertise to take on the task.

Our fully managed dedicated server package includes hardware and network maintenance, 24-hour monitoring and support, five unique IPs, and unmatched reliability. With managed dedicated servers in Boston, your business won’t have to hire its own IT department. Our team will manage your data storage and server maintenance, so you can concentrate on growing your business.


At our facility, we offer two levels of server management:

  • Patch+Monitor – We provide semi-monitored dedicated server service at an affordable rate. Our team will monitor your server hardware for maximum uptime and handle routine security updates. Your company will be responsible for the standard day-to-day server management.
  • Fully Managed – With this option, our team will handle the complete management of your Boston dedicated server. From handling routine security updates and configuring your server environment to deploying applications and providing 24/7 robust server monitoring fit for a fully managed enterprise system.


Built-to-Order Dedicated Servers in Boston

Fully customized solutions for your unique needs.

At LightWave Networks, we pride ourselves on providing flexible server solutions for businesses. The high level of customization we offer extends to our built-to-order Boston dedicated servers which are made with highest quality enterprise-grade hardware and designed to fit the unique needs of your business. Here are just some of the features that come with our dedicated servers:

  • Fully redundant facility
  • Reliable disaster recovery
  • Managed firewalls
  • Managed redundant network switches
  • Single server deployment and multi-server deployment environments available


What Are the 5 Types of Dedicated Servers?

The Most Common Solutions for Your Business.

Dedicated servers are a cornerstone of modern IT infrastructure, offering businesses the advantage of exclusive hardware resources for their applications and services. Our hyper converged data center explores more below:

Single Processor Servers

Single-processor dedicated servers are equipped with a single CPU, suitable for a wide range of applications, including web hosting, content management systems, and small to medium-sized databases. They offer a cost-effective solution for businesses looking for dedicated resources without excessive computational power. This is one of the most common services provided by our data center in Massachusetts.

Dual Processor Servers

Dual-processor servers come with two CPUs, offering significantly more processing power. These servers are ideal for resource-intensive applications such as virtualization, large databases, and complex data analytics. They can handle multiple workloads simultaneously, making them a preferred choice for businesses with high-performance demands. Our outsourced hosting support is here to make sure that your business takes advantage of all of your needs with our capabilities.

GPU Servers

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) servers are engineered with specialized graphics cards to accelerate tasks like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and high-performance computing. These servers are indispensable for industries reliant on data-intensive calculations and deep learning algorithms.

Storage Servers

Storage dedicated servers are optimized for data storage and retrieval. They feature multiple hard drives or SSDs, delivering vast storage capacity. These servers are vital for companies with significant data storage requirements, such as media, backup, and archival purposes.

Game Servers

Game servers are designed to host online gaming experiences. They provide low-latency gameplay, robust network connections, and hardware optimized for gaming applications. These servers are favored by gaming companies, clans, and communities looking for reliable and responsive hosting solutions.

Who Uses Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated servers are an important part of modern IT, catering to a diverse range of industries and businesses. Their versatility and ability to meet specific needs make them an invaluable asset. There are many kinds of businesses that need web hosting providers or other internet backup services. Some of the most common ones include e-commerce businesses or businesses that handle a large amount of sensitive data. To illustrate, E-commerce platforms depend on dedicated servers to manage the high volume of online transactions. These servers guarantee both the security and uptime necessary for seamless online shopping experiences. In the case of a business with sensitive data like a legal or medical practice, having dedicated servers is a significant advantage because of their ability to outsource their data protection to experienced professionals.

Why Would You Need Dedicated Servers?

One of the reasons that you would need dedicated servers offer an exclusive and dedicated pool of computing resources, including CPU, RAM, and storage. This isolation ensures consistent and predictable performance. Businesses with applications demanding high computational power and resource-intensive workloads benefit significantly from this. Having the ability to outsource this kind of technology is an excellent way to make sure that your enterprise’s operations are handled with the amount of attention that they deserve. Furthermore, some industries require a high degree of security and compliance standards. Dedicated servers provided by our Boston data centers provide a secure environment where organizations can maintain full control over data access and meet regulatory requirements without concerns about data mingling in a shared environment.

More About LightWave Networks

LightWave Networks is a business that is dedicated to making sure that our customers have all that they need when it comes to their Boston data center needs. Schedule an appointment with our professionals today to learn more about how we can help you today.

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LightWave’s dedicated server solutions are always customized to meet each customer’s unique needs. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all IT plan.

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