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Charlotte Data Center and IT Infrastructure Center

LightWave Networks offers a collection of IT infrastructure services for businesses of all sizes. Modern businesses are required to make use of colocation, cloud computing, and dedicated server management if they wish to fully take advantage of the internet and modern communication. Our Charlotte data center provides the exact services that businesses need for disaster recovery and remaining connected with key players in their business thanks to fast speeds, reliable servers, and around-the-clock support. To learn more about what we could offer your business, continue reading below. 

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Charlotte Colocation

When businesses use colocation on our Charlotte data center, they take advantage of privately-owned servers and networking equipment housed in a third-party data center. That allows them to share the cost of power, cooling, communication, and space with other tenants. Having a shared space makes it cheaper for businesses to take advantage of network management services and various kinds of IT infrastructure services

Colocation services bring many advantages to businesses. For one, it gives them the ability to outsource their IT infrastructure management so they save time, space, and money that they could spend on their day-to-day operations. Also, a Charlotte data center like ours is more protected against events like power outages, so your valuable data is protected and secure. We understand that your server and hardware are vital to you, which is why our colocation data center is secured and diligently monitored. 

Charlotte Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing uses cloud servers that businesses can access remotely through the internet. Using LightWave Network’s cloud servers offers businesses the scalability, accessibility, and security they need. That is opposed to colocation, cloud servers and cloud computing make it possible for businesses to host their daily processing systems on a public cloud instead of having to purchase space for their servers. LightWave Network’s Charlotte cloud computing is designed with the highest security standards in mind, and like colocation, is perfect as a disaster recovery or data recovery. 

More About LightWave Networks 

We are a colocation data center that offers managed networks and IT servers for small businesses and larger businesses alike. We are dedicated to giving our customers speed and reliability so that they could keep their business connected and responsive to any problem that may arise. Aside from Charlotte colocation and Charlotte cloud computing, our Charlotte data center offers a selection of different services. These include dedicated servers, cloud servers, Raspberry Pi, blended BGP IP Transit, managed networking, and remote backup. Contact us today to learn more. 

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