LightWave Networks offers reliable and fault-tolerant cloud servers at our data center locations in Needham and Somerville, Massachusetts. Our cloud hosting in Boston provides full redundancy and can accommodate all kinds of businesses. Designed for both large and small companies, our cloud hosting packages are custom-tailored to your specific business and will grow with it.

Cloud Hosting in Boston

At LightWave Networks, we offer customizable server hosting including cloud hosting and cloud backup services. We provide both unmanaged and managed hosting services from our energy-efficient and powerful data center facilities: the Digital Realty data center in Needham, MA and the CoreSite data center in Somerville, MA. Our cloud hosting company in Boston provides clients with virtual storage and security with both public and private cloud server options.


Boston Cloud Servers

Cloud hosting and cloud computing services in Boston are offered through our cloud servers which are virtual servers accessed over the internet. Our Boston cloud server delivers cloud computing environments that clients can access through an online platform. Just like physical servers, cloud servers are great tools for businesses and help employees accomplish important operational activities. Despite similarities, cloud servers do come with their own unique advantages which can help businesses reach their goals and grow.


The Benefits of Cloud Hosting in Boston/strong>

Whether you choose an unmanaged or managed hosting package from our cloud hosting company in Boston, there are multiple advantages of going with cloud servers over physical ones for your company’s data storage needs.


  • Scalability: Cloud services can quickly and efficiently adapt to your business needs.
  • Accessibility: Access your company files from almost any internet-connected device.
  • Security: There’s almost zero risk of your data being accidentally lost when it is backed up on a cloud server.
  • Redundancy: If one cloud server fails, others will take over ensuring your data stays protected.
  • Collaboration: Cloud hosting makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues wherever they are located.
  • Storage: You can access your files when you need them and have them out of the way when you don’t.


At LightWave Networks, we offer Boston cloud server packages with options for managed and unmanaged hosting. In comparison to maintaining in-house physical servers and hiring IT personnel, our managed cloud hosting option is cost-effective, providing premium cloud hosting and backup support at an affordable cost. Both our managed and unmanaged options allow employees to easily access company data through a centralized cloud platform which can greatly improve task management and team collaboration within your company.

What is a Cloud Server?

A cloud server is essentially a virtualized computer that operates in a data center hosted by a third-party provider, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. Unlike traditional physical servers, cloud servers exist in a virtual environment, making them incredibly flexible and scalable. Another way to understand cloud servers is to imagine your business operations as a set of software applications and data. Instead of investing in and managing physical servers on-site, you can leverage cloud servers. There are many benefits to using cloud servers, with perhaps the most important being the scalability and accessibility that they offer. In other words, cloud servers can be easily adjusted to meet your business needs. You can increase or decrease computing resources as demand fluctuates.

What are the 4 Types of Cloud Storage?

It may surprise you to find out that there are four kinds of cloud storage that businesses could take advantage of. A short description of each could be seen below.

Object Storage

Object storage is the foundation of modern cloud environments. It treats data as discrete objects, each associated with a unique identifier. This approach is highly scalable and ideal for handling unstructured data such as multimedia content and backups. The most popular services like Amazon S3 and Azure Blob Storage exemplify an object’s versatility and durability.

Block Storage

Block storage is akin to traditional hard drives, offering raw, unformatted storage volumes. It’s commonly employed in situations that require high-performance data access, such as virtual machines and databases.

File Storage

File storage is designed to handle data in a hierarchical file structure, making it suitable for shared storage and network-attached storage (NAS) use cases. It’s a preferred choice for enterprises needing collaborative work environments, document sharing, and content management.

Archival Storage

Archival storage, as the name implies, is optimized for long-term data retention. It’s a cost-effective choice for storing data that’s infrequently accessed but needs to be preserved for compliance or historical purposes.

Each storage type has its unique strengths, and choosing the right one will greatly impact your data’s accessibility, durability, and cost-effectiveness in the cloud environment. Our data centers in Massachusetts are here to assist you with every aspect of understanding what you can expect with cloud storage.

Why Are Cloud Servers Better Than Physical Servers?

Business owners seeking efficient, scalable, and cost-effective IT infrastructure solutions should recognize the numerous advantages of cloud servers over physical servers. Our Boston colocation data centers would like to point your business in the right direction because we understand that diving head-first into a new industry could be difficult.

Like with everything in our Boston data centers, scalability is the principal advantage to this kind of service. You can easily scale up or down your resources based on traffic spikes or evolving operational needs. No more costly, time-consuming hardware upgrades – the cloud seamlessly accommodates your growth. Aside from being scalable, cloud servers are secure and reliable. Cloud providers like our hyper-converged data center invest heavily in redundancy and high-availability measures. Your data is stored across multiple data centers, reducing the risk of data loss due to hardware failures.

Virtual Private Servers in Boston

Virtual private servers are also available at both our data centers in Boston. VPS hosting has the advantage of independence similar to Boston dedicated servers combined with the increased accessibility and affordability of virtual servers. You get the convenience of cloud hosting while maintaining full administrative control over your data in a private environment with our VPS hosting solutions.

dedicated cloud servers

LightWave’s cloud and VPS solutions are always customized to meet each customer’s unique needs. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all plan.

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