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At LightWave Networks, companies throughout the country trust the services we provide from our colocation data center in Philadelphia. A major data center between New York’s Manhattan and Virginia, it was built as an international gateway. Its ideal Philadelphia location allows it to take advantage of the state’s extensive long haul and metro fiber routes as well as Transatlantic submarine cable systems.

Learn more about our Philadelphia Data Center – renowned for its long-term stability and premier data center services. With a great selection of dedicated server, cloud server, and VPS options, we hope to help businesses stay strong and grow in this ever-evolving digital economy.

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The 401 North Broad Street Data Center totals 1,400,794 square feet and has access to 40 MW of total power. Owned by Neutrality Properties, the colocation data center Philadelphia is made up of extensive server space and data rooms as well as co-working areas for modern businesses. The facility is also within an Opportunity Zone, allowing investors to enjoy tax benefits and businesses access to the Qualified Opportunity Fund.

Key Capabilities

Premier Security. The colocation data center in Philadelphia has 24/7 access to authorized customer personnel via access lists. The facility is also kept secure with video surveillance, key card access throughout the building, Mantrap access control system, and two-factor authentication for meet me rooms (MMRs).

Compliance Certifications.  Neutrality’s 401 North Broad Street Data Center is PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliant. Other compliance certifications for this location include SSAE-16 Type 1, SSAE-16 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2, and SOC 1 Type 2.

Long-Term Stability. The infrastructure of the 12-floor data center is designed for long-term stability. With a floor loading capacity at 200 lbs. per square foot and freight elevators that can carry up to 10,000 lbs., the Philadelphia data center can accommodate all kinds of servers and network hardware. Located outside of a 100-year floodplain as well as featuring 24/7 network operation center and critical facility monitory system, rest assured your data will remain secure at this facility.

Ample Power. The Philadelphia data center has a utility power capacity of 40,000 kW, a UPS power capacity of 1,200 kVA with 2N redundancy, and backup generator power capacity of 4,000 kW with N+1 redundancy and 30,000-gallon fuel supply.

Effective Cooling. As for cooling, the facility has a condenser water capacity of 3,600 tons with N+1 redundancy backed up by generators. Its open-loop system with free-cooling mode condenser water distribution and data room HVAC systems maintains ideal temperature levels.

Top Features of The Colocation Data Center in Philadelphia


  • Premier core interconnected data center
  • Direct access to Transatlantic submarine cable systems
  • Multiple metro dark fiber and long-haul transport providers
  • Carrier neutral Meet Me Room (MMR)
  • 9% SLA uptime
  • Six diverse points of entry (POEs)


  • HIPAA Compliant
  • PCI Compliant
  • SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type 2
  • SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type 2


  • 1,200 kVA UPS power capacity
  • 2N UPS redundancy
  • 4,000 kW generator power capacity
  • N+1 generator redundancy
  • 3,600 condenser water capacity
  • CRAC units with cold aisle containment
  • N+1 cooling redundancy


  • Tenant meeting and conference rooms
  • Vendor touch-down space for clients
  • Co-working space available
  • Onsite parking available
  • Secure storage space available

Data Center Services

LightWave Networks offers a variety of cloud computing services and server options from the colocation data center in Philadelphia. Out hosting company provides custom data center services to businesses of all sizes.

We pride ourselves with providing equal access to our fully redundant and secure data center servers to businesses regardless of size. At LightWave Networks, small businesses have access to big servers and no minimum service package is required.

Philadelphia Colocation Data Center

Our data center is one of the most prepared on the market thanks to the capabilities of our data center and all of the competitive advantages it could provide our customers. As mentioned above, our data centers are designed to provide some of the most modern and updated capabilities on the market. Our experts pragmatically designed the infrastructure of the data center to mirror the cutting edge of technological advancements in the industry. In an industry reliant on technological advancements and continuous updates, having a data center that is focused on keeping up with developments represents a significant advantage for our customers since they will always be at the cutting edge of technology and all of its advancements. This is also reflected in the number of resources we spend on maintenance and cooling systems for the hardware inside of the data center. This is an important consideration because it allows data centers to always have the most updated and functional computers and servers possible. 

Philadelphia Managed Network Services

A managed network is one that is operated by organizations external to your own. As you may have been able to see through the previous text, our data centers are owned and operated by people who are experts in the field. This allows you to operate your business without having to worry about maintaining a data center. Also, having a dedicated hyper-converged data center that is on top of new developments allows businesses to place their trust and judgment on experts while they focus on what is important to them. 

Philadelphia Managed IT Services

IT is a vast industry that is constantly evolving as it becomes more important in the business world. Our managed IT services rest their laurels on being at the cutting edge and forefront of all the aspects of what makes a Philadelphia data center a positive inclusion in someone’s business. One of the aspects of our data center that makes it a game changer for business across industries is the fact that we place special emphasis on security and flexibility. A high grade of security is needed in data centers because they will be hosting all of the sensitive information crucial to your business. Namely, our backup & disaster recovery data center is dedicated to providing firewalls and other proven security elements. 

More About our Philadelphia Managed IT Support

LightWave Networks is dedicated to making sure that our customers understand the benefits of data centers and colocation. Our professionals have curated a full collection of services that covers most of what a business will need from their hosting and cloud server needs. Specifically, our full suite of services includes the following: 

Contact us today to learn more about what we could offer you through our data centers in Massachusetts, New Jersey data centers, and Boston outsourced IT support. 

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