Raspberry Pi single-board computers are a low-cost and small space alternative to typical server hosting services. If you are looking to run medium-duty applications or need web hosting services, Raspberry Pi could be the right choice for your business. LightWave Networks now offers Raspberry Pi colocation and hosting services at our data center locations. You can either ship your own Raspberry Pi computer or rent one at a low monthly price.

Raspberry Pi Colocation & Hosting

Colocation & Hosting Services for Raspberry Pi Computers

At LightWave Networks, we pride ourselves with providing flexible, low-cost hosting and backup solutions for small businesses to large corporate offices. That’s why we jumped at the chance to offer our clients Raspberry Pi hosting options. This innovative technology takes up very little space compared to their typical server counterparts but deliver similar levels of processing power that’s perfect for most small to medium sized businesses.

What Is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer, typically the size of a credit card, designed to teach people how to program. This low-cost computer plugs into a monitor of TV screen, where you can use a standard keyboard and mouse to operate it. Due to its conveniently small size and simplicity, it allows people of all ages to learn computer programing, with students all around the world learning programming languages like Scratch and Python.

Originally designed for educational purposes, it has recently started being applied to a wide variety of applications. Raspberry Pi can now power hosting for a variety of websites and apps. At LightWave Networks, you can choose between collocating your company’s Raspberry Pi or renting a Raspberry Pi hosting server at one of our data center locations.

Raspberry Pi Colocation

If you already have a Raspberry Pi that you would like to collocate, LightWave Networks will need to see if your device meets certain requirements. If it does, we will provide you with an IP address. Utilizing that IP address, configure your Raspberry Pi and then ship it to one of our data center locations. Provide us with the tracking information and within two days you’re Raspberry Pi hosting server will be online. Raspberry Pi colocation starts at only $9 per month (when paid annually)!

  • 100 Mbps Network Port
  • Public Static IP Address
  • Remote-Controlled Reboots
  • No Setup Fee!
  • 12-month Term

Raspberry Pi Hosting

If you do not have your own Raspberry Pi or your device does not meet LightWave Network’s requirements, you can rent a Raspberry Pi at one of our data center locations. We will configure it to an assigned IP address and provide you access once it is online. Renting a Raspberry Pi plus the cost of colocation starts at only $13 per month or $145 per year (when paid annually)!

    • We Supply Pi, SD, and OS (of your choosing)
    • 100 Mbps Network Port
    • Public Static IP Address
    • Remote-Controlled Reboots
    • 12-month Term

Raspberry Pi Colocation & Hosting FAQs

LightWave Networks answer commonly asked questions about our Raspberry Pi colocation and hosting services. If you do not see an answer to your question below, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 844.722.COLO.

How Do I Safely Ship My Raspberry Pi?

After receiving your IP address and configuring your Raspberry Pi, carefully wrap it up in bubble wrap. We also highly recommend placing it into a protective case. Ship it to one of our data center location addresses. If possible, choose the shipping option that comes with delivery confirmation and tracking number that you should email to us.

Can I Add More IP Addresses?

Yes, we can provide you with multiple IP addresses which you can configure your Raspberry Pi for. IP space is available in blocks of five addresses. Each block of five IPv4 addresses cost only $7 per month!

What Upgrades Do You Offer?

LightWave Networks offers customizable hosting services and that is still the case for our Raspberry Pi service packages. Do you want to attach an external USB drive or firewall appliance? Do you want to accommodate Pi clusters or private networks? Whatever you wish, we will design a custom configuration that meets your goals while maintaining low monthly costs.


Learn More About Where We Offer Raspberry Pi Hosting

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With data centers in Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, and New Jersey, our Raspberry Pi colocation services are a smart investment for any growing business that needs to stay connected.

Contact us or call 844.722.COLO today for your personalized Raspberry Pi hosting solution – plans start at $9 per month!

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