No Minimum Server Package Required

No Minimum Server Package or Colocation Spaces Required


Our team at LightWave Networks recognizes that not all businesses have the same server hosting and colocation needs. In fact, two similarly sized companies might need two extremely different colocation space accommodations and server capacities to store their mission-critical data and networks. In the end, we do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions for any of our clients. Both our dedicated and cloud server hosting packages as well as our colocation services are all highly customizable.

At LightWave Networks, we believe in personalized server hosting and colocation services. That’s why when your business signs a colocation lease agreement with us, there is no minimum colocation package required. You get to choose the exact amount of colocation space your company needs – no more and no less.

Additionally, if you invest in our cloud server hosting services or dedicated server rentals, there is still no minimum server package required. We will work hard to accommodate to your specific data storage and IT networking needs. Call us today to find out how!


Flexible Colocation Lease Agreements – Racks, Cabinets, and Cages

At our Boston data centersDallas data centerPhiladelphia data center, and New Jersey data center, we offer custom colocation lease agreements designed to fit your business. Our colocation space can be rented to your business by the rack, cabinet, or cage. We also offer the choice between half and full cabinets, shared rack space and multi-rack setups, as well as private and shared cages.

Whichever combination you end up choosing, our no minimum colocation package required guarantee helps keep our colocation space pricing low. With LightWave Networks, you will never have to pay for more than you need.


Colocation Pricing – Affordable Server Hosting Prices

The flexible colocation service agreements and personalized server hosting solutions available at our energy-efficient and secure Tier III data centers start as low as $50 per month. Virtual private server hosting services are priced even lower with our cloud server hosting prices and VPS hosting packages starting at only $7 per month. Finally, should you lease colocation space from us, there are no setup fees!


No Minimums for Dedicated Server Hosting

Our no minimum server package required guarantee is also applicable to our dedicated server rentals. Rather than leasing rack space, cabinets, or cages – your business can lease entire dedicated servers at our third-party data centers. Managed and unmanaged options are available. Enjoy high speeds, reliable connections, top security and 24-hour support at an affordable price. Our dedicated server hosting packages start as low as $50 per month.

Curious about our server and colocation pricing? Want to learn more about our full roster of colocation, server hosting, and cloud backup services? Contact us or give us a call at (844) 722-2656. A member of our trained professional staff will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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