What Is a Hyper-Converged Data Center?

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Data centers and colocation services are in demand because they make online operations much easier. As technology has advanced, the rise of hyper-convergence has been witnessed. But what is hyper-convergence?

What Are the Advantages of a Hyper-Converged Data Center?

If you are looking into colocation servers or colocation services, chances are that you have come across a hyper-converged data center. A hyper-converged data center is a data center that is built around a hyper-converged infrastructure. As the name suggests, hyper-converged infrastructure is a software architecture that combines computing, networking, and storage hardware. Having a centralized or consolidated area where you can place all of your hardware and storage results in a more streamlined management process. Since most business is conducted online, having a hyper-converged data center infrastructure means that your business can enjoy a rise in revenue and productivity. Continue reading below to learn more about Lightwave Network’s insight into hyper-converged data protection and infrastructure.

What Is the Difference Between a Hyper-Converged and Converged Infrastructure?

Put simply, hyper-convergence adds deeper levels of connectivity and automation than a converged infrastructure. Also, the components of a converged infrastructure (computer, storage, and networking components) can be separated. In hyper-convergence, the software-defined elements are implemented virtually. This virtual integration allows for organizations to expand by deploying additional modules easily.

What Are the Advantages of a Hyper-Converged Data Center?

A hyper-converged data center brings many advantages to businesses that are in the market for colocation or cloud services. Hyper-converged infrastructure delivers simplicity and flexibility as opposed to other solutions. Storage systems, servers, and networking switches are managed as a single system, making managing data much easier. The scalability and efficiency translate directly to more efficient online operations. Further, using a hyper-converged cloud lets businesses that need a large amount of storage save money by reducing the space, power, and labor. 

More About Lightwave Networks

Lightwave Networks is a data hosting company that has data centers in Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. We have helped countless businesses stay connected with their operations and customers with reliable servers and fast speeds. Our Philadelphia, Boston, New Jersey, and Dallas colocation services can help you identify your needs and develop an affordable service plan customized to your business. Contact us today to learn more. 

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