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What Are the Benefits of Managed Hosting vs. Colocation?

When it comes to your business and its online activity, you may need to consider remote servers and backup options. Although you may be aware of all the options available to your business like managed hosting, colocation, and cloud hosting, you may not fully understand what their benefits are and how they could positively impact your business. The team at LightWave Networks is here to help you fully understand what each option offers you and how you could better decide between managed hosting vs. colocation or cloud servers. Continue reading below to learn more.

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How to Improve Your Business Internet Security

Since businesses rely heavily on the internet to communicate with their customers and employees, as well as store sensitive information and files, they need to be more aware of their internet security. As a colocation and data center, LightWave Networks understands what it takes to protect confidential information on the internet and the appropriate measures businesses take to secure their data. Continue reading below to learn more about business internet security and how your business could be secure.

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Why You Should Invest in Managed Hosting

Dedicated hosting is an attractive way for many businesses to achieve enhanced reliability and security for their online operations. Not surprisingly, many businesses recognize that the advantages of having dedicated servers are costly if they wish to have them on their own premises. Depending on the size of the business and its needs, having a dedicated server could require massive amounts of space and care. Therefore, many look to outsource their needs through managed hosting. To learn more about the benefits of hosting, LightWave Networks has decided to write the following article that details the benefits of having dedicated servers and managed hosting. 

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What Is a Hyper-Converged Data Center?

Data centers and colocation services are in demand because they make online operations much easier. As technology has advanced, the rise of hyper-convergence has been witnessed. But what is hyper-convergence?

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Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

Small businesses are becoming more aware of the benefits that cloud computing provides to them because of how important it is to remotely store the information that they have on their computers. Before cloud storage, small businesses needed to store their information on their local database or hard drive, which meant that they were subject to damage if anything were to happen to their databases, like a flood or electrical damage. Further, without cloud computing for small businesses, it would be impossible for them to make real-time changes to documents without being physically present in the office or point of operation. Below, Lightwave Networks takes a closer look at cloud computing and the value it gives customers. 

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