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Physical Servers vs. Virtual Servers

To someone unfamiliar with IT network services and colocation, it may be surprising for them to discover that there are two different kinds of servers – physical and virtual. The classic image of a data center is one of the seemingly endless servers and hardware, with a clean and sterile physical environment. However, many data centers use virtual servers that offer a different kind of utility and experience for businesses. What are the differences between these kinds of servers, and which one is best for my data backup and recovery needs? LightWave Networks and our Massachusetts colocation experts explore more about physical servers vs. virtual servers in the following article. Continue reading below for more.

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How Many Servers Does a Small Business Need?

Even though you may be running a “small business,” you will still need to keep up with important developments to be truly successful in the modern business world. One of the necessary parts of operating a business in this modern environment is the fact that your business will need servers to communicate with other members of the organization or to perform critical business functions. But how many servers does a small business need? Is it necessary to have multiple servers, or are most small businesses fine with having just one? LightWave Networks is here to answer your questions. Continue reading below to learn more.

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What Is Bandwidth in Networking?

If you are interested in data centers or colocation, there are many terms that are worth understanding. Understanding these terms can make your organization better understand what it is getting into and how you can measure success going forward. One of the most common and important terms to understand is bandwidth. If your business wishes to have a successful bout with data centers and colocation services, you will need to understand what is bandwidth in networking? Our data backup and recovery experts explore this topic in the following article. Continue reading to learn more from an experienced server outsourcing and Philadelphia cloud hosting organization.

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Do Green Data Centers Exist?

Perhaps one of the most important developments in the modern business environment is the internet and how important it is for businesses. In fact, most businesses now rely on the internet to communicate with important people and even conduct regular business operations. Most documents are reproduced and sent digitally, and depending on the size of your business, this may require a great deal of online support.

Further, some businesses may need to rely on outsourcing their internet and server capabilities to data centers because maintaining these could be costly and difficult. These data centers have a large number of computers and technology that could be detrimental to the environment. Along with the rapid spread of the internet, the toll that these servers and businesses take on the environment is also scrutinized. This begs the question – do green data centers exist? LightWave Networks explores more in the following article. 

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What Is Raspberry Pi Hosting?

A business that is interested in server hosting, low-cost hosting solutions, and backup solutions will be curious about Raspberry Pi hosting and the advantages it provides to businesses. LightWave Networks is one of the most experienced data hosting companies in the United States because we provide solutions for all sizes of businesses, no matter what industry they are in. Our background makes it possible for businesses to take advantage of Raspberry Pi, and we are here to detail what it can offer to you. Continue reading below to learn more about our data backup and recovery center. 

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