What Are the Benefits of Cloud Computing vs. Colocation?

Colocation vs. cloud center

Many businesses understand that they should be adapting to the changing business landscape, where a remote dedicated small business server backs their online applications and data. Often, business leaders find themselves struggling to understand the differences between the different kinds of technology available to them. Among the most common forms of technology used for data storage by businesses are colocation and cloud computing. If you would like to understand the differences between colocation and using cloud storage for business, continue reading below for expert insight from LightWave Networks. 

Colocation vs. Cloud

Cloud computing is a service that a cloud platform provider offers businesses. Cloud computing entails remote servers that can be accessed from the internet. Essentially, these are off-site computers that give access to the companies renting the space.  The business that offers the cloud service manages it for the business that is using it. All that is required is a login and password to access it to make changes to files and documents. The best cloud storage for businesses lets all members of the organization freely edit and upload files at the same time.

On the other hand, colocation services allow businesses to rent dedicated space offered by data centers. This works best for businesses that require a significant infrastructure for their online operations. Colocation servers are generally more secure than cloud computing because they are backed by a large infrastructure of cooling, power, and security of a business that offers the rental space. LightWave Networks provides some of the best dedicated server rental services for businesses at their colocation sites. 

When it comes to cloud computing vs. colocation, it is important to realize that they have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Generally, colocation centers and colocation services are better for businesses that require more infrastructure and greater remote storage. Many companies outsource their storage and network capabilities because it could be costly to maintain on their premises. Some of the hardware used in colocation centers requires a cooling system, power systems, and even security systems to properly maintain.  

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