Benefits of backup and a disaster recovery plan

The Importance of Data Backup and a Disaster Recovery Plan

In today’s data driven economy, it is critical for businesses to ensure their data is protected and easily recoverable in case of emergencies. According to the National Archives and Records Administration, 93 percent of companies that experience data loss and downtime for 10 or more days file for bankruptcy within 12 months.1 It is easy to see why it is important for businesses to back up their data.

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Cloud vs Colocation for business

Cloud Hosting Vs. Colocation: Which is Better For Your Business

More and more businesses are choosing to relocate their company servers and networking hardware out of on-site server rooms and instead are opting for third-party hosting solutions. For many companies, particularly small businesses, these are the more cost-effective options. Owners and IT managers are faced with a choice: colocation vs. cloud.

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Defining The Cloud and The Internet of Things

Defining Computer Systems Terms: The Cloud & The Internet of Things

If you’ve been paying attention to information technology news, you have probably heard the terms The Cloud and The Internet of Things at least once. You may have a basic surface level understanding of what these buzzwords mean, but have you really looked into their official definitions. What about finding out how these two concepts are interconnected? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place!

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Different Types of Data Center Racks

Types of Racks in Data Centers: Rack vs. Shelf vs. Cabinet vs. Suite

When you are looking to invest in Boston colocation services or rent servers from a secure datacenter, you will have the choice between racks, shelves, drawers, cabinets, cages, and suites. You may be left wondering, what’s the difference between these data center rack types?

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