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Do Many Companies Use Corporate Data Centers?

When the internet first started getting introduced as an essential element to business operations, many businesses relied on their own in-house centers to house all of the equipment that they needed to perform their essential business functions. However, this has proven to be too cumbersome for some businesses. Many have decided to offload a lot of their colocation needs to external businesses, straying away from their own corporate data centers. In the following article, LightWave Networks is here to explain why these are slowly becoming obsolete. 

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Cloud Data Loss Prevention

With so many businesses around the world relying on online communications, it is only natural for them to wonder how safe their sensitive information really is. There has been a marked increase in cyber attacks or data leaks, which calls for businesses to ramp up their cloud data loss prevention efforts. This is especially true for businesses that are beginning to grow since they have a larger collection of sensitive data that they will need to keep track of. So, how does data loss prevention work? In the following article, LightWave Networks will detail all that preventing data loss has to offer and how we could offer a solution. 

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What Is Cloud Migration?

One of the most important considerations in modern business is making sure that you are aware of the cloud and all of the benefits that it provides businesses. One of the most important facets of cloud computing is cloud migration. What is cloud migration, and how could it benefit my business? LightWave Networks, an experienced nationwide colocation data center, is here to give you a detailed explanation of what you could expect from your upcoming migration. Continue reading below to learn more. 

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computers surrounding a colocation server rack

Why Lease Rack Space?

It is no secret that to compete in today’s market, you must efficiently store your data to make it easy for people in your organization to access and use it. When a business first discovers that colocation is something that would benefit them, they often wonder whether or not they should purchase or lease the space necessary. There are many reasons why a business should strongly consider leasing this space, which LightWave Networks is proud to detail. If you find yourself wondering whether you should lease rack space, we are here to push you in the right direction. Continue reading below for more information from our experienced efforts. 

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What Are the Benefits of Managed Hosting vs. Colocation?

When it comes to your business and its online activity, you may need to consider remote servers and backup options. Although you may be aware of all the options available to your business like managed hosting, colocation, and cloud hosting, you may not fully understand what their benefits are and how they could positively impact your business. The team at LightWave Networks is here to help you fully understand what each option offers you and how you could better decide between managed hosting vs. colocation or cloud servers. Continue reading below to learn more.

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