Defining The Cloud and The Internet of Things

Defining Computer Systems Terms: The Cloud & The Internet of Things

If you’ve been paying attention to information technology news, you have probably heard the terms The Cloud and The Internet of Things at least once. You may have a basic surface level understanding of what these buzzwords mean, but have you really looked into their official definitions. What about finding out how these two concepts are interconnected? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place!

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Different Types of Data Center Racks

A Look into the Different Kinds of Server Rack Options

Which Server Rack Option Is Right for You? 

Businesses have transitioned from keeping important documents and work inside filing cabinets to keeping them remotely in high-density data centers so they could take advantage of colocation services. Colocation Data centers are critical for modern businesses because they can efficiently store an incredible amount of information that can be instantly indexed and accessed regardless of where the company is located.  Businesses that offer colocation services like Lightwave Networks have plenty of different server rack options available for businesses. However, companies get confused about the different sorts of racks available to them. Below, Lightwave Networks detail the differences between the most important server racks so your business can be more educated on how our colocation servers work. 

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Inside Philadelphia Data Center

Biggest Data Center News of 2020

The year 2020 was a truly unique and eventful year. The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic shaped most of the world’s major events and affected countless industries. Like so many others, the data center and cloud networking industry experienced a number of changes and major news stories this year. Some were a result of coronavirus, while others were natural progressions of the latest data center technologies. LightWave Networks has compiled a list of the biggest data center news stories of 2020. Featuring the industry’s biggest players and cutting-edge technologies, these stories will have lasting effects for the years to come.

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