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Colocation for Banks

LightWave Networks provides specialized colocation services tailored to the stringent data security needs of banks across the United States. Recognizing the paramount importance of safeguarding financial data, our advanced data centers offer a fortified environment for colocation servers and IT infrastructure. Financial institutions can rely on colocation for banks, including our high-performance computing capabilities that are coupled with redundancy features and rigorous security protocols such as biometric authentication and continuous surveillance. This ensures the utmost integrity and confidentiality of sensitive financial information, aligning seamlessly with industry regulatory standards.

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photo of a lady in a data center
Photo of a corporate data center

Do Many Companies Use Corporate Data Centers?

When the internet first started getting introduced as an essential element to business operations, many businesses relied on their own in-house centers to house all of the equipment that they needed to perform their essential business functions. However, this has proven to be too cumbersome for some businesses. Many have decided to offload a lot of their colocation needs to external businesses, straying away from their own corporate data centers. In the following article, LightWave Networks is here to explain why these are slowly becoming obsolete. 

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Avoiding Data Loss Through the 3-2-1 Backup Rule

Few things can be more frustrating than losing your data. Data loss can be something as irritating as losing saved video game data or as detrimental as losing important business documents. Thankfully, with technological advancements, there is a rule that can help you avoid data loss of any kind. 

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Why Bandwidth Is Important for Network Performance

With the ever-increasing importance of online and digital aspects of a business, it may be challenging to keep up with technological terminology. It is vital to have your own website in today’s business landscape, no matter what field you are in. A term you may have frequently encountered is bandwidth. So what is bandwidth, and how does it affect the performance of a network?

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