How Many Servers Does a Small Business Need?


Even though you may be running a “small business,” you will still need to keep up with important developments to be truly successful in the modern business world. One of the necessary parts of operating a business in this modern environment is the fact that your business will need servers to communicate with other members of the organization or to perform critical business functions. But how many servers does a small business need? Is it necessary to have multiple servers, or are most small businesses fine with having just one? LightWave Networks is here to answer your questions. Continue reading below to learn more.

How Many Network Servers for Small Business Should You Have? 

There are many reasons why you should have small business servers. On the one hand, they encourage collaboration, enhance record-keeping, facilitate easier communication, and generally make things easier for members of the organization. One of the main applications of these kinds of servers is shared drives, which allow team members to share and collaborate on documents in real-time. This makes the days of having lengthy email attachments, which are hard to follow, obsolete. Having this kind of communication in a business environment that a small business participates in is invaluable, as it is rapidly changing, and team members need to know what is going on at all times. 

So, how many servers does a small business need? Now, the amount of servers that you will need is entirely dependent on the kind of use that your business wants to derive from cloud computation technology or IT network services. If your company wants purely limited use from these kinds of servers, one server may be all that you need. To illustrate, if you would like to merely share documents with members of the team so that they collaborate, one server is more than enough. However, as your business grows and more emails, documents, and online programs are used, you may need a different server to handle the new demand. Having a separate server may also be necessary if your small business deals with public records, as storing them may be required by law. This could also call for your business to rely on Dallas dedicated servers or any other kind of server to fully make your business efficient. Our professionals recommend that you contact experts when you begin your small office server setup to make sure that it is functional. 

What Is the Best Server for Large Businesses? 

Once a business grows enough, it may be time for them to find a different kind of server that could support its regular business functions. Our Massachusetts colocation and Boston colocation providers recommend that you begin to use rack servers since they are the most powerful for businesses. If you want to lease rack space for your business, LightWave Networks could assist you. 

More About LightWave Networks

How many servers does a small business need? The answer depends entirely on the size and scope of your business. LightWave Networks is a hosting company that is dedicated to helping business owners connect with fast speeds, reliable servers, and access to security and support around the clock. We pride ourselves on providing personalized solutions for all of our customers. Our full suite of services includes: 

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