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As you may know, running and operating a data center requires various different types of equipment to be completely efficient. On top of having a collection of different equipment, it is also important to ensure that these pieces of equipment are properly running so that they not only currently work efficiently but that they will continue to be efficient going into the future. No matter the size of the data center or the types of clients that it serves, it is essential that data centers rely on high-quality equipment to provide the best services for their customers. Below, LightWave Networks and our data backup and recovery professionals explore what the best data center equipment is so that you can have a better idea about what goes on behind the scenes.


What Is the Best Data Center Hardware? 

Aside from the servers and network equipment that are associated with data centers, there are many other types of hardware that go into successful data centers. In this section of the article, we will discuss what kinds of equipment are used to support the infrastructure of data centers. Some of the best examples of this include pieces of equipment that ensure that the items inside the data center do not get too warm or humid. One of the most important factors that someone in charge of a data center needs to keep in mind is that airflow and temperature levels can make or break the success of the equipment that is inside the data center. A detailed explanation of this kind of data center equipment can be seen below: 

Environmental Monitors

Environmental monitors are designed to be placed throughout the facility so that they can take accurate temperature and humidity readings. As mentioned above, a data center that is too warm and humid could result in some of the racks and other technology being damaged. 

Airflow Plans

When it comes to keeping things cool and dry, airflow is a primary consideration. Any airflow plan worth its salt needs to map out the hotspots throughout the facility and place fans accordingly. 

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Maintaining the balance of humidity levels inside a data center often comes down to a delicate balance of humidifiers and dehumidifiers. It is a common misconception to think that data centers need to be as dry as possible. Data centers should have a humidity level between 45% and 55%. To maintain this level, many data centers have both humidifiers and dehumidifiers inside their buildings. 

Data Center Cooling Equipment

Most data centers have a wide collection of cooling equipment that is used to maintain optimal temperatures inside the buildings. This includes traditional air conditioners, water coolers, fans, and other options. Most data centers have cutting-edge technology designed to keep them cool at all times. As the importance of cloud computing becomes more pronounced in the world of business, our Philadelphia cloud hosting service makes sure to have the best cooling systems available so that your business processes are well protected. 

Data Center Racks and Other Equipment

Aside from the cooling systems detailed above, we make an effort to provide great server rack and network equipment. Some of the materials that we offer our customers are detailed below: 

Server Racks

A data center houses numerous servers and computers that need a place to be stored. Server racks are designed to safely house delicate computers and technology, all while allowing the perfect amount of airflow for them to operate effectively.


Servers are the equipment in a data center that allows businesses to enjoy remote access and all of the capabilities that businesses look for in a data center. Along with servers, most data centers offer data center server room equipment like computers, switches, routers, servers, mainframes, and other kinds of equipment. 

More About LightWave Networks

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