Do Many Companies Use Corporate Data Centers?

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When the internet first started getting introduced as an essential element to business operations, many businesses relied on their own in-house centers to house all of the equipment that they needed to perform their essential business functions. However, this has proven to be too cumbersome for some businesses. Many have decided to offload a lot of their colocation needs to external businesses, straying away from their own corporate data centers. In the following article, LightWave Networks is here to explain why these are slowly becoming obsolete. 

Why Use External Data Center Companies? 

External data center companies are becoming more popular because businesses have realized that maintaining data centers so that they run at their most optimal conditions is expensive and difficult. Data centers and server rooms require cooling systems, high-speed internet connectivity, and security measures. In other words, they are much better off counting on the expertise of experienced professionals when the time comes to use colocation or cloud computing services. These companies are more accustomed to providing optimal conditions for the servers and equipment that businesses use to store useful information and ensure smooth business practices. Instead of having to spend time and resources on their maintenance, a business could outsource this to a different business. 

How Many Data Centers Are in the World?  

According to Statista, as of 2021, there are at least 7.2 million data centers worldwide.1 This number is actually a decrease from previous years because many businesses have chosen to confide this service to a few big players instead of opening their own. 

What Is an Enterprise Data Center? 

An enterprise data center is a facility that is centered around helping organizations streamline their data processing and storage needs. These house equipment that supports infrastructure like power, cooling, and environmental monitoring systems. Some of these systems can be located on-premises or off-premises. There are many advantages and disadvantages to building these on or off premises. Many choose to build these in cooler temperatures so that they save money on energy costs. 

Some of the advantages of enterprise data centers include: 

  • Complete control of servers and infrastructure
  • Increased monitoring and visibility of online processes
  • Software compatibility

Some of the disadvantages of these include: 

  • Enterprise data centers are extremely expensive
  • Enterprise data centers require constant updating and monitoring 
  • Enterprise data centers are a target for unexpected outages or cyberattacks 

More About LightWave Networks 

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