Data Center Technology Trends: More Complex Data Center Workloads

Data Center Workloads Getting More Complex

In their recently published annual global data center survey, the Uptime Institute found that the majority of IT loads are still run on privately-owned enterprise data centers.1 Data center workloads are not only getting extensive but are also getting more complex.

“This year’s survey shows that the data center sector is finding it challenging to manage complexity. Most organizations have a hybrid infrastructure, with a computing platform that spans multiple cloud, co-location and enterprise environments. This, in turn, increases application and data access complexity. It’s an approach that has the potential to be very liberating – it offers greater agility and when deployed effectively, increased resiliency. But it also carries a higher risk of business services performance issues due to highly leveraged network and orchestration requirements.” – Andy Lawrence, Executive Director of Research at Uptime Institute2

Data Center Trends 2019: Data Centers and Corporate IT

In today’s corporate IT landscape, the skyrocketing data storage needs of businesses, as well as the growing popularity of processor-intensive artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, have led to data center facilities going through added strain. Data center administrators are facing a greater number of power outages, cooling challenges, and staffing shortages.

Main Findings: IT Workloads, Outages, Colocation Capacity, & Cloud Adoption

  • Privately owned or operated enterprise data centers are still the bedrock of corporate IT and are expected to run half of all data center workloads by 2021.
  • 61% of data center administrators surveyed said they had difficulty recruiting and retaining staff.
  • 34% of data center administrators reported experiencing an outage or severe IT service degradation in the past year.
  • One-third of outages were caused by power loss, as outages are becoming more common due to the adoption of hybrid infrastructure.
  • IT workloads continue to move to cloud providers. Colocation and cloud capacity increasing at a faster rate than enterprise data center capacity.
  • The potential of cloud adoption is still not fully realized for numerous reasons. Survey respondents pointed to a lack of visibility, transparency, and accountability.


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