Cloud-Based Server Backup Solutions: What is Cloud-to-Cloud Backup?

Data Center Workloads Getting More Complex

There is an extensive variety of cloud-based server backup solutions. One type of cloud-based back up has become more popular in recent years and that is cloud-to-cloud backup, otherwise known as C2C backup. Essentially, cloud-to-cloud backup sees an organization’s data stored on one cloud service copied to another cloud platform.

A common misconception by business decision makers is that storing data on a software as a service (SaaS) platform is all you need to protect your data because it’s already being stored on the cloud. The reality is that SaaS platforms are designed to only protect against data losses on their side. According to a survey conducted by Spanning, 80 percent of IT decision makers reported having suffered some type of data loss through SaaS over a 12-month period.1

The Difference Between Cloud Backup & Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

One way to prevent SaaS data losses, a way that has increasingly become the cloud-based server backup solution of choice, is cloud-to-cloud backup. So, what makes C2C backup unique from other available forms of cloud-based backup?

Unlike the basic form of cloud backup, C2C backup ensures your organization’s data is stored on not just one, but two clouds. The original data is stored on one cloud service and a copy of that data is stored on another cloud service, providing an extra layer of protection.

How Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Can Help Your Business

That additional layer of protection is beneficial for businesses. Should the original data become inaccessible for whatever reason, a company’s IT professionals and employees will still be able to recover and access the backup copy of that data. Therefore, a business has a disaster recovery plan in place should an outage, accidental deletion, data corruption, cyberattack, or other disaster happen to the company.

While many SaaS providers can protect your company’s data in the cloud from problems on their side, if the issue happens on your business’s side, there isn’t much they can do to protect or recover your data. Investing in cloud-to-cloud backup eliminates that problem, ensuring your data is protected on both sides.

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