Why Is Cloud Security Important?


Storing your data in the cloud can bring a number of logistical and financial benefits, but only if that data is secure 100% of the time. Without a secure cloud service, you risk having your data breached, modified, stolen, or erased. 

As providers of personalized colocation services and data centers in Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, and New Jersey, LightWave Networks is an expert in cloud computing security and knows that security failures are not an option for your cloud hosting service needs.

Is the Cloud Safe?

Yes, the cloud is safe and is a pillar of doing business today. Gone are the days when businesses had to house and maintain their own on-site servers. But the cloud is only as safe as the network security solutions that support it. According to the Cloud Security Alliance, insecure interfaces, data leakage, and general hardware failures are the top things threatening the security of the cloud.

The Importance of Cloud Security

As more and more businesses place their valuable and confidential data in the cloud, the importance of cloud security takes on greater meaning every day. Whenever a business experiences a hack or data breach, the consequences can be severe and everlasting. One hack on a major corporation can impact hundreds of millions of accounts in minutes. 

Affected companies may need to work for months, if not years, to regain their customers’ trust. Neglecting cloud security is like purchasing a nice house but letting the roof leak. Simple solutions, when ignored over time, can lead to catastrophic results. When you place your data in a secure cloud service like LightWave Networks, you are immediately getting an extension of the trust and confidence your customers rightly expect.

What to Look For in Cloud Security

As acceptance of secure cloud hosting evolves, so do cloud security standards. While quality hardware and software are important for every colocation center, ultimately, the people who manage and maintain it are the most important assets. Outside hackers can do immense damage to an unsecured cloud service, but so can internal employees who have an ulterior motive. These employees must be held to the highest standards. LightWave Networks’ secure cloud hosting services, including our Boston colocation data centers and our data centers in Dallas, hire the best in the business and guarantee your data will always be in good hands.

The Benefits of Secure Cloud Hosting

Choosing a secure cloud server for your business needs offers a multitude of ongoing benefits. Colocation services, such as those offered at our Boston colocation data center, can quickly scale to adapt to your individual needs. No need to worry about buying new hardware or new real estate — secure cloud hosting services take care of that for you.

Network security in the cloud also comes with redundancy. If a server goes down, another one will take over and make sure that your data is secure. Colocation services are always building new forms of redundancy and scalability. 

Also, as hybrid work becomes more acceptable, secure cloud hosting is key in making collaboration seamless. LightWave Networks’ Boston colocation services and data centers in Dallas allow your organization to access your secure data from anywhere in the world and from any device desired.

Managed and Secure Cloud Services

At LightWave Networks, we are a leader in secure cloud services out of data centers in Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. Our personalized colocation solutions can grow and change along with your business. Unlike other network security providers, there is no minimum server package required.

Contact us to learn how we can customize a cloud computing security solution for you today!

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