What Is Cloud Migration?

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One of the most important considerations in modern business is making sure that you are aware of the cloud and all of the benefits that it provides businesses. One of the most important facets of cloud computing is cloud migration. What is cloud migration, and how could it benefit my business? LightWave Networks, an experienced nationwide colocation data center, is here to give you a detailed explanation of what you could expect from your upcoming migration. Continue reading below to learn more. 

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Migration? 

Cloud migration is one of the most beneficial processes that you could involve your business in. Cloud migration is the process of moving data and applications from a previous business element to a cloud computing environment. There are many reasons why a business should choose to utilize cloud computing, with most of the benefits having to do with cost, performance, and security. A “cloud” allows businesses to remotely consolidate important business processes where all members of an organization can remotely access important documents and other items important to a business in one of the most effective IT environments possible. 

Cloud Migration Strategy Checklist

Depending on how complex your business’s operations are, you will need a rather complex migration strategy. A well-thought-out cloud migration strategy will often require a combination of management and technological expertise. Not every cloud migration strategy will be the same, but our data center management business provides a useful checklist below: 

  • Identify which business processes you would like to move to the cloud. 
    • Not every business process will require a move to the cloud. Some of the processes that you should reserve are those that are extremely critical to your business or have strict geographic requirements. 
  • Decide how much data will need to be moved and how quickly the process needs to be completed. 
    • We recommend that you keep a detailed inventory of any data and applications that you will need replicated and make a note of which ones have a higher priority based on the importance of your business. 
  • Find out how moving data and processes to the cloud will impact any other facts of your business.
  • Consider how much the transition will cost. 
    • Costs for this service vary, but our data centers in DFW are here to help you make the most effective transition possible. 

What Is Cloud Migration and the Types of Cloud Migrations 

Cloud migration is a complicated process that we are happy to oversee. There are many different kinds of cloud migrations that your business could choose from. These include: 

  • Public clouds 
    • Public clouds let users access resources through the internet and other dedicated conditions. 
  • Private clouds
    • Private clouds allow users to keep data within the data center and use proprietary architecture. 
  • Hybrid clouds 
    • Hybrid clouds are a combination of public and private cloud models. 
  • Multi clouds 
    • This is where businesses have more than one cloud provider.

More About LightWave Networks 

What is cloud migration? Put simply, it is a process where businesses transfer important data and processes to a remote cloud. Aside from providing useful resources like this one, we also help our clients thanks to our data centers located around the United States. Contact us today to learn more about our Massachusetts colocation, Minneapolis colocation, Tampa data center, and New Jersey data center, or if you want to lease rack space.

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