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Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

Small businesses are becoming more aware of the benefits that cloud computing provides to them because of how important it is to remotely store the information that they have on their computers. Before cloud storage, small businesses needed to store their information on their local database or hard drive, which meant that they were subject to damage if anything were to happen to their databases, like a flood or electrical damage. Further, without cloud computing for small businesses, it would be impossible for them to make real-time changes to documents without being physically present in the office or point of operation. Below, Lightwave Networks takes a closer look at cloud computing and the value it gives customers. 

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Why Is Cloud Security Important?

Storing your data in the cloud can bring a number of logistical and financial benefits, but only if that data is secure 100% of the time. Without a secure cloud service, you risk having your data breached, modified, stolen, or erased. 

As providers of personalized colocation services and data centers in Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, and New Jersey, LightWave Networks is an expert in cloud computing security and knows that security failures are not an option for your cloud hosting service needs.

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Data Center Workloads Getting More Complex

Cloud-Based Server Backup Solutions: What is Cloud-to-Cloud Backup?

There is an extensive variety of cloud-based server backup solutions. One type of cloud-based back up has become more popular in recent years and that is cloud-to-cloud backup, otherwise known as C2C backup. Essentially, cloud-to-cloud backup sees an organization’s data stored on one cloud service copied to another cloud platform.

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Data Center Workloads Getting More Complex

Data Center Technology Trends: More Complex Data Center Workloads

In their recently published annual global data center survey, the Uptime Institute found that the majority of IT loads are still run on privately-owned enterprise data centers.1 Data center workloads are not only getting extensive but are also getting more complex.

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Cybercrime Trends 2019

Cybercrime Trends 2019: Recent Cybercrime Statistics & Concerns

Cybercrime is a growing field for criminals, organized crime syndicates, and corporate espionage agents. In fact, many of the world’s top business leaders, including IBM Corp’s Chairman and CEO Ginni Rometty, point to cybercrime as the greatest threat to today’s businesses.1 Recent cybercrime statistics support that statement. In 2019, the cost of cybercrime and data breaches to the global economy is projected to reach $2.1 trillion.2

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