How to Prevent Data Loss


With more businesses than ever relying on the internet and online systems to store and monitor information related to their businesses and its processes, a large consideration for them is to make sure that their data is safe and free from a breach. Data security breaches are especially dangerous if you consider what kind of data businesses usually hold, which could be incredibly sensitive. This is particularly true for businesses that rely heavily on client data like lawyers or insurance companies. A security breach for these kinds of businesses could also breach contracts and involve legal issues. If you are wondering how to prevent data loss, our hyper-converged data center is here to answer your questions. Continue reading below to learn more from our experts. 

How to Prevent Data Loss in Cloud Computing

As you may know, cloud computing is a service where businesses use remote computers and servers to store information. In cloud servers, many different businesses and computers share space on a server, with each of them having private access to theirs through personal credentials. However, there are some cases where data loss could occur, even in the most advanced cloud computing environments. 

There are some ways that you could ensure that your data is in a cloud computing environment that would make sure that your data is safe. One of the best ways to do this is by making sure that you prepare drills that allow you to practice what you would do in a situation where a data leak occurs. This allows you to internalize the process and make sure that everyone involved in the recovery process understands what to do and what the timing should look like. 

Another easy way to prevent data loss in cloud computing is to make sure that your computers are stored in a safe environment and that there is a battery backup system in place. This ensures that large power surges do not occur and that if they do occur, you are prepared to save any files that may have been corrupted by one.

Email Data Loss Prevention

With most business communications happening in the form of emails, it is only natural for them to wonder if this kind of communication is safe from data breaches. Fortunately for them, businesses have many tools at their disposal that prevent data leaks and breaches to occur.  Another aspect of email data loss prevention is the fact that malicious emails or phishing attempts could cause business leaders to accidentally compromise their safety. LightWave Networks and our backup & disaster recovery services are an excellent option for businesses concerned with this. 

More About LightWave Networks

LightWave Networks is a colocation and data center service dedicated to helping businesses use everything that this could offer them. Whether it be data loss prevention solutions, Raspberry Pi colocation, outsourced IT support, or any other thing from our data centers in Massachusetts or New Jersey data centers, we have got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our Boston outsourced IT solutions or how to prevent data loss. 

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