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At LightWave Networks, we keep our ear to the ground for all news, advancements, cloud servers, and network management trends. We were delighted to find Christine Preusler’s article LightWave Networks: Providing Fast, Reliable, and Personalized Hosting Solutions to Businesses Nationwide, as she delves into the various benefits of private cloud solutions, high-quality dedicated servers, cloud backups, personalized colocation services, and managed networking

At LightWave Networks, we see the potential for networking services to increase demand and usefulness for businesses of all sizes. Preusler shares our vision, noting the growth in the public cloud market over the past decade, rising from $15.08 billion at the beginning of the decade to an estimated value of $257.9 billion in 2020. We at LightWave Networks attribute this to businesses of all sizes beginning to realize the importance and advantage that personalized private cloud solutions, colocation services, and dedicated servers provide. 

As Preusler points out, private cloud solutions can provide your business with personalized services that cater to your business’s specific needs, a feature that public clouds cannot offer. Private cloud solutions can also be bundled with colocation and dedicated servers to ensure your business’s hosting and technology needs are met.

We know you are as interested in the hosting and technology space as we are. At LightWave Networks, we highly recommend checking out more of Christine Preusler’s work available at  Hosting Advice. Preusler is a full-time contributor, detailing in-depth articles with the biggest names in the network service industry,  

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