Tips for Working From Home

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During this past year, chances are COVID-19 has caused you, or somebody you know, to begin working from home. A necessary change for most offices, the pandemic has provided answers on the effectiveness of remote working. Some major companies, such as Twitter, have allowed their employees to work remotely indefinitely.1 Evidently, workload and content did not suffer, and it provided cost-saving measures in general office expenditures. While some companies have returned to the office, there is a very genuine possibility that remote working could become the thing of the future. 

Create a Routine

At first, it will feel strange changing your commute from your house to your office to going from your bedroom to your living room. Work motivation can be difficult when your bedroom is in your line of sight during the workday. To combat distractions and to stay motivated, it is important to stick to a routine so that you can become accustomed to remote working. 

A large part of your routine should be sticking to set scheduled hours. This will help keep your mind focused during the day and show your employer that you are giving your undivided attention. In addition to having structured work hours, sticking to a morning routine before you begin work can ensure you are working at your best. Consider doing a morning exercise routine, showering before work, and always changing out of your pajamas before you start your workday. These tasks may seem unnecessary at first; however, you will soon develop a healthy habit of starting your workday. 

Routinely scheduled breaks can also improve work efficiency. Take some time for lunch, go out for a walk, and give yourself a break from your desk. Your eyes, legs, and back will thank you. During your allotted breaks, consider stepping outdoors for a few minutes. 

Try to get into a routine after work hours, as well. This tells your body that the workday is done and will let your body and mind have a clear idea of when the workday starts and ends. 

Set Up a Workspace

Just as setting a routine gets your mind into work mode, having a personalized space solely for work can help avoid the temptations of in-home distractions. We’re not talking about breaking the bank for a total home redesign. A workspace can be as simple as finding a table or desk in your house and removing any non-related work materials from that area during your work hours. Remember to personalize your space. Maybe this is the perfect opportunity for you to try out that standing desk you never got around to using.

Be Present

Just because you are no longer constantly face to face with your coworkers doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be communicating with them. Show up to virtual meetings on time, prepared, and ready to talk. Reach out to friends and coworkers, wishing them happy birthdays and staying connected to your peers. 

At times remote work can leave you feeling a little isolated. Constant communication with coworkers reminds you that you are a part of a team. Just as office conversations don’t always revolve around work, within reason, your online communications don’t have to either. 

Enjoy the Change

We already discussed various solutions to some of the challenges that may arise from remote working. It is also important to remind yourself of the benefits. Maybe you have a pet at home that you can spend more time with now. They may walk across your keyboard now and again, but taking a break with your pet is a great way to relieve stress. Every now and again, remind yourself of the struggles of commuting, and rejoice in the absence of traffic. 

Be Prepared

There are positives and negatives with every change. Prepare yourself for the new challenges of remote work. At LightWave Networks, we recommend that you suggest to management to invest in cloud backup services that can provide online backup services. Contact us today to discuss how to streamline remote and in-person work for your business.  

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