What Is a Dedicated Server, and Why Your Business May Need One


A dedicated server can provide your business with a variety of benefits when it comes to your website. As providers of dedicated servers in Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, and New Jersey, we want to explain what a dedicated server is and when to use it for a business. 

What Is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server provides hosting services to one singular website. While typically more costly than cheaper shared hosting services, it can provide your business with fundamental tools to ensure that your website runs optimally. 

Reasons Your Business May Need a Dedicated Server

While there are various benefits of utilizing a dedicated server for a website, we largely consider four general areas in which they can improve your website. 

High Website Traffic 

Needing to change servers due to high website traffic is a great problem to have as a business. As traffic increases on a site, if you are hosting on a shared server, the server might slow down or not be able to cope with the increased views. This drop in performance may result in deterring people from visiting your site or them not staying on it. 

With a dedicated server, your site can keep up performance even with high increases in traffic. Since migrating a site to a different server takes some time, it is best to preemptively switch to a dedicated server if you see a steady upwards trend in website traffic. 

Site Speed and Bandwidth

The best way to ensure that your website has the proper bandwidth to run at desirable speeds is to utilize a dedicated server. A dedicated server will, of course, give you higher bandwidth to perform at optimal speeds and allow you to troubleshoot more easily if problems do arise. 

If your site is on a shared server and you experience slowed down site speed, finding the reasons can be difficult. The server could be using bandwidths on other services or websites without your knowledge. However, having your own dedicated server allows you to troubleshoot, identify the problem, and fix it quickly. 

Security Reasons

A shared server means your site will be run through a server hosting one or multiple other sites. As a result, you are limited in how you can make and install proper security on that server. This can leave your private information open to hackers. Having your own dedicated server allows you to implement security features specific to your website and its information. 


As with website security, a dedicated server allows you to make complete decisions on various elements of a server. Wish to change the software your server is running on for increased performance? Shared servers will not allow this, as other websites on the site are paying the same fee as you and may not wish these changes to be implemented. With a dedicated server, the choice is entirely yours to make. 

If your website requires unique hosting needs or advanced web development, a dedicated server is a must. 

How to Get a Dedicated Server For Your Business

At LightWave Networks, we offer dedicated servers for rent in Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. Whether you have concerns about meeting the demand of high website traffic, maintaining site speed, securing important information, or personalizing your server, our servers will be able to meet your needs. 

Contact us today to learn more about our dedicated servers. 

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